Gym Heroes Set 1st Edition – Erika’s Vileplume – 5/132

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Pokemon Erika's Vileplume Gym Heroes Set 1st Edition Pokedex #045 Holofoil
Release Date Aug 2000 Grass Type 80HP Card# 5/132, LV34. Card Text: Pokémon
Power: Pollen Defense If an attack does damage to Erika's Vileplume while it's your Active
Active Pokémon (even if it's Knocked Out), flip a coin. If heads, your opponent's Active
Pokémon is now Confused. This power works even while Erika's Vileplume is Asleep,
Confused, or Paralyzed. Mega Drain 30 If Erika's Vileplume does damage to the Defending
Pokémon (after applying Weakness and Resistance), remove a number of damage
counters from Erika's Vileplume equal to half the damage done to the Defending
Pokémon (rounded up to the nearest 10). If Erika's Vileplume has fewer damage
counters than that, remove all of them.

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