Japanese Pokemon – Gym Leaders 1 – Complete 96 Card Set – Gym Heroes

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Complete Japanese Pokemon Gym Heroes, Gym Expansion ,1 Series 5, 96-card Set,

Release Date: October 1998.

H Brocks Ninetales, H Brock's Rhydon, R Brock's Golem, U Brock's Golbat, U
Brock's Graveler, U Brock's Lickitung, U Brock's Primeape, U Brock's Sandslash,
U Brocks Vulpix, C Brocks Diglett, C Brock's Geodude, C Brock's Geodude, C
Brock's Mankey, C Brock's Onix, C Brock's Rhyhorn, C Brock's Sandshrew, C
Brock's Vulpix, C Brock's Zubat, R-T Brock, R-T Brock's Protection, U-T Brock's
Method of Breeding, U-T Remembrance, U-T Nivi City Gym, H Misty's Golduck, H
Misty's Gyarados, H Misty's Seadra, H Misty's Tentacruel, U Misty's Dewgong, U
Misty's Poliwhirl, U Misty's Tentacool, C Misty's Goldeen, C Misty's Horsea, C
Misty's Horsea, C Misty's Magikarp, C Misty's Poliwag, C Misty's Psyduck, C
Misty's Seel, C Misty's Staryu, R- T Misty, R-T Misty's Pleading, U-T Misty's
Rage, C-T Misty's Tears, C-T Misty's Game, U-T Hanada City Gym, H Lt. Surge's
Electabuzz, H Lt. Surge's Fearow, H Lt. Surge's Magneton, R Lt. Surge's Jolteon,
U Lt. Surge's Eevee, U Lt. Surge's Magnemite, U Lt. Surge's Raticate, C Lt.
Surge's Magnemite, C Lt. Surge's Pikachu, C Lt. Surge's Rattata, C Lt. Surge's
Spearow, C Lt. Surge's Voltorb, R-T Lt. Surge, R-T Lt. Surge's Secret Operation,
U-T Spy Tactics, U-T Lt. Surge's Negotiations, C-T Energy Circulate, U-T Kuchiba
City Gym, H Erika's Clefable, H Erika's Dragonair, H Erika's Vileplume, R
Erika's Victreebel, U Erika's Bellsprout, U Erika's Bulbasaur, U Erika's
Clefairy, U Erika's Dratini, U Erika's Exeggcute, U Erika's Exeggutor U Erika's
Gloom. U Erika's Weepinbell, C Erika's Bellsprout, C Erika's Jigglypuff, C
Erika's Oddish, C Erika's Oddish, C Erika's Paras, C Erika's Tangela, R-T Erika,
R-T Refined Criticism, R-T Erika's Kindness, U-T Erika's Perfume, U-T Proper
Etiquette, U-T Erika's Attendants, U-T Tamamushi City Gym, H Rocket's
Hitmonchan, H Rocket's Moltres, H Rocket's Scyther, H-T Team Rocket's Trap, R-T
TR's Special Instruction Gym, R-T Lowered Resistance Gym, R-T Removal
Prohibition Gym, R-T Confusion Gym, C-T Small Narrow Gym.

Cards are in Mint Condition. Cards are fresh from pack to protective sleeve.

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